Polar Oats

Polar Oats Ltd is founded in 2007. The company is owned by number of family farms and the main business focuses on the international grain trade.

The company's basic business idea is to combine the international grain trade without many of the middlemen with the Finnish eco-friendly grain which is having high quality and good traceability. The basis of the business idea is fast and cost-effective supply of containers directly from farms to foreign grain users around the world.

Finnish ethically cultivated grain with its technical and hygiene features is one of the best in the world. The grain growing in the northern long -day conditions produces a heavy crop with a good quality. The grain can be used in all kind of needs from the feed to baby food. This high quality machine dried grain is stored in the farms. Hygiene level can be maintained high while storing the grain in the silos of the farms. The supplied grain is technically investigated always in advance.



We want to be

Fast and efficient high quality grain supplier for demanding customers.